Shhh, listen!

Four metaphors and several deliberate practices leading to listening mastery  Not more than a few months ago, it was still hard for me to keep quiet. A quality of any master coach is the “evocative” silence – the kind of pause that creates a vacuum in the conversation with the client, a void that the client fills with new understandings. I was not able to do that.  In my path towards mastery, I knew I had to master the listening competency. With the help of my mentor coach, a particular practice program, and a lot of peer coaching, I was able to shift from being a speaker to being a microphone, from a microphone to a paper, from a sheet of paper to a tree, and from that to Waze.  First, I learned to shut up. Then to hear.  Then to listen.  Then to listen to help my clients.  The following is a list of practices that I created to help me in the process.  1. Learn to …read more.
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